Using One Ballast For Lighting Up 2 Fluorescent Tubes

The most common type of fluorescent lights we use in our homes are the single tube fluorescent light or if we need to brighten up an area a little bit more, we might use a twin tube fluorescent fitting. The wiring for these two types of fluorescent fittings are almost similar where the twin tube using 2 ballast to fire up the 2 different tubes. However, if using 2 ballast is not for you then you can use something called a parallel ballast. Using this, you can use only one ballast for lighting up 2 fluorescent tubes.

The Parallel Ballast For Lighting Up 2 Fluorescent Tubes

Parallel Ballasts

The parallel ballast looks almost identical with a normal ballast except for the extra terminals at one end. The wiring for the parallel ballast to light up 2 fluorescent tube is also significantly different from the normal twin tube fluorescent light.

Parallel ballast can not only light up two fluorescent tube, there are ballast that are capable of lighting up 4 fluorescent tube in one single casing.

Wiring Diagram For One Ballast Lighting 2 Fluorescent Tubes.

Below is a simple wiring diagram for using a single parallel ballast to light up 2 fluorescent tubes.

2 lamp-parallel-ballast-wiring-diagram

As you can see, the 2 Lamp parallel ballast has 3 terminal in one end and 2 at the other which is connected to the incoming supply. From the outgoing 3 terminals the first 2 terminal as indicated with the blue wire foes individually to each separate lamp holder. The remaining terminal with the red wire goes to the other lamp holder which is then “looped” to the adjacent one.

To learn more about how you can light up multiple lights with a single ballast, visit Electrical 101.

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