How to use a test pen to test for Electricity Supply

I think everyone should keep a test pen in the house. It’s a very handy tool which you can use to screw small items like your light covers or make small connections like the ones in your switches. Most convenient of all, you can use it to check if electrical supply is present on various electrical items in your house.


test pen

The Right Way To Test For Electricity With A Test Pen

There is a proper way to utilize this handy tool. To make it work, you must press your forefinger on the test pen’s “head” If not the indicator lights inside the test pen will not light up even if there is electricity present.

how to hold a test pen


Let’s say you table fan is not working. The first thing to do is to check for electrical supply to the socket that the fan is plugged into. Use a small screwdriver to push down the safety covers. When you pry down the small plastic tab inside the top most outlet, you will see that the 2 small piece of plastic covering the lower 2 outlets will open.


check electrical supply with a test pen

Push the test pen inside the right outlet with the switch in “off” position. All live wires must go in the right side. Unless the socket is installed by a half past six electrician.

check electrical supply with a test pen 2


When you have fully inserted the test pen, switch “ON” the socket. If there is electrical supply, the diode light should light up if you have placed your finger on the tip of the test pen like I did.

check electrical supply with a test pen 4