Using UV Or Ultraviolet Lights In Your Aquariums

UV or Ultraviolet lights are seldom or never used in a normal household unless you have some special purpose for it. Ultraviolet lights are commonly used as disinfectants to kill of bacteria and these lights can be harmful if one is overly exposed to it. Thus, ultraviolet lights are most commonly used in hospitals and laboratories. Natural UV light comes from the sun. Everyone knows that if you stay under the sun for long hours, you will get sunburned and in extreme cases, skin cancer.

However, there are of course instances where UV lights comes in handy in a normal household. Some use them as artificial sunlight for growing plants indoors, but in recent years this has been replaced by the more economical and safe LED lights.

UV or Ultraviolet Lights In The House

The common use of ultraviolet lights in a normal household can be found in houses where the house owners keeps aquariums of have fish ponds in their house. Normally, these lights are used in the form of ultraviolet light bulbs or ultraviolet light tubes.

If you have seen a well maintained aquarium, you would have noticed the purplish glow emitted by these ultraviolet light tubes. This ultraviolet light tubes not only beautifies the overall look of the aquarium, it also acts to kill harmful bacteria in the water that might infect and harm the fishes.

These ultraviolet light tubes however, do not emit enough UV rays to be harmful to the human owner.

UV Or Ultraviolet Lights Used In Fish Pond Filtration Systems

For large outdoor ponds, you can insist on a filtration system that comes with ultraviolet protection. Unlike the aquariums inside the house where the UV lights are hung above the water, this kind of system is very effective as the water is pumped trough the ultraviolet lights before being released back into the pond. The UV light tubes are encased in water proof glass containers so there are no worries of any electrical leakage caused by the water.

As fish ponds are located outdoors and exposed to the sun and rain, algae growth is the most common problem. An algae infected pond will look quite ugly and dirty. Though these algae are said to be good for the water and the fish in it as it provides fresh oxygen, most enthusiasts take great pain to remove them and keep the water crystal clear.

The most effective method is through the use of UV lights to sterilize the water and kill these algae. Modern fish pond filtration systems comes equipped with built in UV light tubes to do the job.

pond filter with UV light

How To Install A Ultraviolet Light For Your Small Aquarium

For a small decorative aquarium in your living room, a single UV light will be enough.  Installing an ultraviolet light for your aquarium needs no special equipment or any high-tech accessories.

All that is needed is a normal fluorescent lighting set which you can buy in any electrical outlets. The only difference is the light tubes. Replace the ordinary light tubes that you use with ultraviolet tubes which are commonly available in all pet shops selling fishes and aquariums.