Three Phase Electrical Supply For The House

Three Phase Electrical Supply is becoming very popular in modern homes. People have progressed significantly and with the improved lifestyle, a modern home will have many extra electrical items that are more energy consuming. In order to have sufficient electrical supply to feed all these power hungry electrical gadgets, a single phase supply can no more take the load. Thus the need for three phase electrical supply.

What Is 3 Phase Electrical Supply

As the name suggest, a three phase electrical supply means 3 incoming live electrical feed. As compared to a single phase where there is only one live wire feeding the entire household, the 2 extra live feed will ensure that there is enough current to power whatever that is needed and not cause an electrical overload which can be quite dangerous.

A Three Phase electrical supply carries a voltage of 440 volts if all the 3 live feeds are used simultaneously. This is highly dangerous and extra care and protection must be ensured to avoid any electrical mishaps. However, the kind of electrical apparatus that needs a 440 not supply is rarely found in any household appliances. Most of these are only found in Industrial side.

Three Phase Electrical Supply To Avoid Overloading

Three Phase Electrical Main Distribution Board
3 Phase Electrical Distribution Board

Since there are no electrical apparatus in a house that needs such a high voltage, the question asked will be, why then do so many household need a three phase electrical supply. The answer is simple. It is because they have more energy hungry equipment like air conditions, heaters, oven, refrigerators so on an so forth.

When it was acceptable to have only one refrigerator in the house many years ago, it is now the norm to have at least 2 of this energy consuming appliances. Therefore the need for more power.

With a three phase electrical supply, the owner of the house or rather the electrician can plan out how to distribute the power supply evenly among all the apparatus in the house. It is of utmost importance that no one single phase is loading more heavily that the other. The ideal situation will be the electrical load is distributed evenly and all the 3 phases carries the same load. This will avoid any overloading of any one phase.