How To Rivet Using A Rivet Gun

Rivets are best used for joining to pieces of flat metal sheets or bars. Though there will be occasions when some will also use it on wooded sheets like plywood, the riveted joints will not be as strong as those that are used on metal sheets.

Keeping some common size rivets and a rivet gun at home can come in very handy when doing household maintenance like replacing the hinges of a metal door or for re-attaching the handles of your cooking utensil and so on.

Various Kinds Of Rivets

There are some variation of rivets in the market. Though the end purpose are the same, that is for attaching 2 pieces of metal sheets together, different rivets are used for different jobs. Below are some images of the different kinds of rivets that you might find in your local hardware store.

The most common kind that are used for household maintenance are known as Pop rivets or Blind Rivets

Pop Rivets or Blind Rivets


Getting The Right Size Drill Bits For Your Rivets

When you intend to rivet, you must first drill holes to insert the rivets. Depending on the job at hand and the size of the rivets you intend on using, you must always make sure the holes you drill will fit the rivets that you are using. Thus getting the right size drill bits is very important.

If you make the holes to big, there will be too much space between the rivets and the material. Using too small a size on the other hand will make it impossible to insert the rivets.

If you are unsure of the drill bit size that your rivets should be using, bring along a sample rivet to the hardware store and have the store assistant choose the right one for you.

Alternatively, if you already have some drill bits at home, bring along the drill bits and buy the rivets which will fit your existing drill bits.

The Rivet Gun


The most common kind of rivet gun that we use at home is the hand held one called the Pop Rivet Gun. There are of course different kinds of rivets guns available but for casual home maintenance, you do not necessary need to buy the ones that are designed for industrial use.


How To Make A Good Rivet With The Rivet Gun

After getting all the tools and materials you need, it is time to get down to business. The video below will show you the correct way to make a good rivet joint