How To Replace Existing Wall Sockets With USB Wall Sockets

Many years ago when you have your house wiring done and installed, none would have imagined that there will come a day when USB devices will take over our daily lives. These days so many of our household items uses USB port for our power source. Most common these days will definitely be the charging cable for our smartphones or the power-banks that we rely on when travelling. Wall sockets too have been redesigned and what we have today are the USB wall sockets which comes with USB ports built in.

Will USB Wall Sockets Make The Original Wall Sockets Obsolete?


These days, the wall sockets in our homes are all fully utilized. When before, during installation, we have planned for extra sockets to spare in times of emergency, the present situation has foiled our plans.

Whatever spare wall sockets that we have installed have been taken up by the many USB hungry devices like our smartphone charges etc, etc.

In the near future, it would not be surprising that every electrical appliances will be powered up by USB.

Time To Replace Your Existing Wall Sockets With The New USB Wall Sockets

The new USB wall sockets acts just like the normal wall sockets except that it comes with handy USB ports.

With these USB sockets you can claim back whatever spare sockets that you have planned before.

Replacing the old style wall sockets with the new USB sockets is a breeze as it does not involve any extra wiring work.

The video below by The Ultimate HandyMan shows you how.