Outdoor Lighting Wiring Diagram

Installing an outdoor lighting is a good practice especially if you have a wide compound where some areas can be really dark during the night. This can be a security issue. To install a outdoor light will involve some digging as the wires will have to be run underground and the light pole will have to be planted.  Refer to the diagram below.

Outdoor lighting


As in installing any lighting circuit, there are always the live and the neutral wire coming from the source which can be the Mains Distribution panel of the switch and light nearest to the new circuit that you are going to install. In the case of an outdoor light, it is compulsory that you have an earth wire as the light will be expose to rain and anything that is wet is a good conductor of electricity. Having an earth wire will prevent any electrical accidents in case there is a leakage in the outdoor light or circuit.

OutDoor Lighting Wiring

It is good practice to use armored cables whenever you lay them underground. A cheaper method is to run the wires inside a steel conduit.

As usual,  the Live wire, L goes to the switch before being run to the light. The Neutral (N) and Earth (E) wire goes straight to the outdoor light. Terminate the wires in the switch as usual. In all outdoor lights that you buy, there will be an earth terminal. It will be denoted by the letter E and three horizontal lines. The earth wire should be attached there firmly.

Plant your outdoor light as per instructions given in the installation sheet that comes together with the light. Some will require you to make a cement foundation but some just require you to plant it, so do as instructed.

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Image Credit: The Family Handyman

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