How to make an Electrical Extension Cord.

Having an electrical extension cord at home is a very handy thing especially if you are a DIY enthusiast. Of course these day you can easily buy a ready made extension cords in any hardware store or DIY outlets but the problem is all of these ready made ones comes in specified lengths. If you need something that fits your specific needs, the best option is to make one yourself.

Items Needed For An Electrical Extension Cord.

Making an electrical extension cord is a very simple process. All you need are:

  1. a three core cable cut to your preferred length
  2. a 13 amp 3 pin plug top
  3. a 13 amp switch socket with base.

One important factor before buying the cable is making sure you buy the right size cable for your needs. If you need to use it for some high current consuming jobs like welding or high powered power tools, you need a cable which is capable of handling the power consumption. If in doubt, ask the shop assistant for the different grades of cable available and what the cables are suited for.

How to make an Electrical Extension Cord.

Now comes the simple and easy part.

One end of the 3 core cable is where you install the 3 pin plug top

3 pin plug top

On the other end, install the 13 amp switch socket.

13 amp switch socket connection

Check all parts for loose connections, making sure all terminals are securely tightened. Install all the covers.

Viola! You have an electrical extension cord at your disposal.