Get All Your Light Fixtures And Switches Before Starting

The most frustrating moments a hard core DIY practitioner faces is the lack of materials when they are nearly done and the most common case is not something that is unexpected. Most of the time they discover that they missed out the most crucial part of their entire project until the last moment when all the shops have closed. When that happens, many projects are just left hanging there for weeks. It is not always that we find the time to do a project so before starting, make a detailed inventory of the things we need and get them all ready so we can finish the project preferably in one go. If it is uncompleted, god knows when we will have time to continue with it.

Taking the installation of a simple outdoor light for our garden as an example.   Sit down and do a checklist. Start from the beginning.


  1. You will need to do some digging to lay the cables, so you will need a hoe and a shovel.
  2. You will need to terminate the wires so pliers , wire strippers, cutters are in order.
  3. You might need to do some hacking, so hammers and chisels should be included too.

The best thing is to check your tool box and make sure everything is in order. No point banging your head against the wall at the last minute when you realise your pair of pliers are missing.


  1. Cables. Measure roughly how much you need and buy at least 10 to 20 percent extra so you have room for mistakes.
  2. Termination glands and cable lugs.
  3. Switches whether you want one with timer controlled or otherwise.
  4. Outdoor Lights, choose the type and look that you prefer fo it is going to be there for years.

That is just a small example of what you should jot down in your checklist and it is by no means extensive and I might have missed out many other details. You should know better.

The good thing is, when shopping for these necessities, we can do it online these days and the products are so varied that you will be spoilt for choice. When shopping for power tools, site like Power Tool And Hand Tools list out all the different kinds of tools from different manufacturers like Ryobi Tools so you have an easier time locating what you prefer.

When it comes to getting a nice and elegant Outdoor Lighting there are also shopping sites that caters specially for this products. All the different types of landscape lighting and track lighting are listed out clearly for you easy reference and picking. It saves you lots of time hopping from one site to another.

After you have gathered everything you need, do a re-check to see if you missed out anything. You will never know. Sometimes, even after double checking, we still manage to miss out one or two items and that could be the most frustrating feeling.

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