Install Christmas Lights Safely

Come every Christmas, most household will have hell of a time sorting out their Christmas lights that they have stashed away for the past one year. A common sense tip is when you dismantle your Christmas lights this year, do make sure you roll it up neatly so it does not get tangled up. Once a string of Christmas Lights gets all tangled, you will probably prefer tearing away your hair than to untangle the mess.

Check Your Christmas Lights First

As in all thing that rubs on electricity, make sure your old Christmas lights are in good condition before hanging them up. Check for any damage to the wire’s insulation. Cockroaches and mice likes chewing on wire insulation and many a mishap have happened due to leaking wires.

If you see the damage is too bad and yet still want to re-use them, do not simply wrap the exposed wires with insulation tape. Cut of the entire damage portion and join back the wires individually. Make sure you twist the joined wires tightly so there will not be any loose contacts. Then make sure you bind those exposed wires with a good insulation tape. You and your family will be spending a lot time under that Christmas tree, so you do not want any small children touching any exposed wires.

Better to be safe than be sorry.

How Christmas Lights Works

Almost all Christmas Lights you buy in stores are made and connected the same way. Basically there are two different ways these lights are connected, namely, in series or in parallel. See image below to see the difference.

There are pros and cons for both these connections. Check out this site to fully understand the advantages and disadvantages of these kind of connections

Christmas Lights

Have a safe and merry Christmas.