How To Add New Lighting Point

There will be instances where you will need to add new lighting point to what you have. It could be your hall or room is not bright enough. It could also be for decoration purposes. What ever the reason for adding a new lighting point may be, it wold involve some work and maybe some wall hacking in order to conceal the wires you are about to install for the new light.

 Add New Lighting Point Wiring Layout

Other than the messy wall hacking, the wiring part of adding a new lighting point is pretty simple if you already have an existing light nearby.  It will be easier still if the wires of the existing light is the exposed type and nit concealed in the wall. Check out the simple wiring diagram below.

Add New Lighting Point Wiring Diagram

The wiring for the existing light are indicated in red and black. To add new lighting point, you simply have to run a new wire (Yellow) from the existing switch to the new light point. Another wire (blue)will go to the existing light. If you have an earth wire, normally green color, do the same with the blue wire.

In short in short, all you have to add are 2 extra wires. One from the switch to the new light point and one from the existing light to the new one.

Terminating The Wires After You Add New Lighting Point.

Termination is also pretty mush straightforward. Replace the existing switch, which presumably a one gang switch, with a 2 gang switch. Terminate the 2 gang switch accordingly.

Open up the casing for the existing light. Locate the neutral wire. Here you have you be careful not to connect the new wire to the live wire at the existing light. Hopefully the wiring you have is done according to specifications which in this case will be black in color.

Now you simply join the new wire with the existing neutral wire. If there is a neutral connector then all the easier. Just loosen the connector with a small screwdriver and insert the new wire into the connector together with the existing neutral wire. Remember to tighten the connector after that.

All you have to do now is to install the new light fixture and voila, you have a new light point.