How To Drill Holes In The Cement Wall To Hang A Picture

There are a few things to watch out when you want to drill holes in wall to hang pictures or whatever things that need to be hung. Taking these precautions to prevent something going wrong before drilling any holes in the wall will save you a lot of heartaches and money. This is especially so when drilling holes in our bathroom wall.

Get The Right Kind Of Drill Bits

Assuming you are a DIY buff, you would already have bought yourself an electric hand drill. Now you have to understand the the different kinds of drill bits used for different materials. You cannot use one kind of drill bit for everything so it is wise to buy a few common sizes of each.

Drill Bits For Drilling Metal



These drill bits are made for drilling steel and iron only. You can differentiate these drill bit by the cutting edge or the tip of the drill bit which is slightly tapered in the opposite direction.

Drill Bit For Drilling Wood



Drill bits for drilling wood is easily recognizable as they have a sharp tip which represents a screw. You can only use these drill bits for wooden materials or materials that are similar to wood like asbestos, chipboard, etc. Never use a wood drill bit to rill metal.

Drill Bits For Concrete Walls



Drill bits for concrete walls are not as sharp as those used for drilling wood or metal. In Fact, there kind of drill bits are actually made to be blunt. The tip looks a little bit like a blunted spear as these bits are designed to scrap instead of cutting

Precautions To Take When You Drill Holes In Wall

First and foremost, we must be very sure there is nothing embedded or concealed under the cement or concrete wall that we are about to drill. Most common case are concealed electrical wirings and plumbing.

If you have a tracking device, use it to check or anything under the cement. If you don’t, then use your common sense and folow these rules.

Never drill above or near any Electrical outlets like sockets, switches or panels. You can’t be sure where the wires are coming from but there will be wires running to these outlets.

In the bathroom, never drill anywhere near a water outlet like a tap, basin or a toilet flush. Look at the way the outlets are installed and try to imagine where and how to pipes are laid before drilling.

If in doubt, always ask your electrician or your plumber for advise. If you drill blindly and you hit a live hot wire, the consequences can be quite serious.

How To Drill Holes On The Cement Wall

After making sure everything is okay drilling the hole is the easy part, Just make sure the size of the bit is the right one and you can start drilling away like the guy in the video.

How To Insert A Screw After Drilling The Hole



After drilling the hole, you will naturally want to insert a screw into the hole. To get the screw secured to the wall, you will need some wall plugs which can be bought in all DIY outlets. These comes in different sizes and colors so if you are not sure of the size to buy, just tell the shop assistant the size of the bots you are using and they will get the appropriate ones for you.