Clogged Kitchen Sink Drainage

Very often we get a Clogged Kitchen Sink Drainage. The kitchen sink is the place where we wash our plates and woks after cooking or after our meals. The drainage or waste pipe gets clogged after a prolonged time due to a few factors.

What Causes Clogged Kitchen Sink Drainage


Leftovers being discarded and wash down the Waste pipe.

That’s one very common reason. Lots of people thinks that they can have it easy and have all their leftover food like rice or bits of vegetables washed down the drainage. This very irresponsible action will only bring misery later on as these bit and pieces will accumulate at those hard to flow areas, especially at the corners and in a few months you will have a clogged kitchen sink drainage pipe.

Fat accumulation.

Happens especially in homes where the food consumed are oily or fatty. Most saturated fats will coagulate when they cool down. Don’t think when you wash your plates and woks, all the oil and fat will be totally washed down the drain. It sticks to the sides of the waste pipe and it only takes about 6 months to build up enough to jam up the whole pipe. If those who still think eating saturated fat won’t effect their heart, then they should look at the pipes that have been clogged by fat. It’s a dead clog and nothing can pass through. You can’t even knock a piece or metal rod through. This kind of clogged kitchen sink drainage is though to clear and most of the time it will involve replacing the pipes.

Solutions Against Clogged Kitchen Sink Drainage.

For a minor clog, like bits or vegetables or meat, a plunger might work. For a major clog, you might need to get yourself a bottle of acid that will dissolve the leftovers. Some use hydrochloric acid, but there are special solvents in most DIY shops that might do the job.

For a drainage pipe that has been totally clogged with coagulated fat, don’t waste your money or time trying to clear that pipe. You will have to get a plumber to replace the clogged parts.

All said, prevention is better than cure. Don’t wash leftovers into the Kitchen Sink. Why not just throw the leftovers into your garbage bag? When washing oily woks or plates, if you don’t have warm water at your kitchen sink, Try rinsing after you wash. At least you will get less oil and fat sticking on the walls of the waste pipe.