How To Check The Wiring Installations In Your House

It is advisable to check wiring installations of your home after prolonged use. Periodic checks ensures that the wires are in good condition and all terminal connections are tightly screwed on. This will prevent undue short circuit and electrical overloads. With a well maintained wiring installation in your home, you can save on your electrical bill as loose connections are the biggest culprit in an overloaded circuit.

Wires can get scorched when the terminal screws have loosened

The main electrical panel is where all the circuits in the whole house starts. The main supply from your Power Company comes to this main electrical panel after passing through the KWH Meter and this power is the distributed to the whole house with individual circuit breakers as protection against short circuits and overloads.

Thus the Main Electrical Panel is where the mother load is and is the most important part of the wiring installation of your house. The first place you should start checking is the wiring inside the Main Electrical Panel.

CAUTION – Make sure you switch off all incoming power supply before even opening the panel cover!!

Check Wiring Installations For The Terminal Connections Of All Switch Sockets

Switch Sockets are the nest thing you should check. As switch sockets are usually used for electrical utensils in the house that are more power hungry like the Refrigerator or the Oven, these switch sockets runs the highest risk of getting overloaded or connections getting loose due to overheating and overloading power surge.

Simply dismantle the switch sockets and check for loose connections. Sometimes you might find fungus like growth around the terminals. This is due to oxidation from overuse. These can be cleaned with a fine sandpaper.