How to Change Lighting Point To Ceiling Fan point

The light points in our houses and bedrooms or anywhere else for that matter is the same as points for the ceiling fan. Lots of people thinks that the light points and the fan points differs. Yes there is a slight difference at the switch. Other than that all the wiring and the circuit are the same. Thus, you can change lighting point to ceiling fan point quite easily.

Using A Wall Fan Instead Of A Ceiling Fan

Nowadays most rooms have an Air Condition, but having a fan is a good alternative if the weather turns too cold. If you have 2 light points in your room like most bedrooms have then you can use of of the points and convert it into a fan. If you don’t use the wall light, you can install a fan using that point, but you will have to buy a wall fan. If you don’t want the fluorescent lights on the ceiling, then you can use that point as a fan point.

Change Lighting Point To Ceiling Fan Point

Installation is straight forward and there is no need for any alteration of the existing wires. Just hook up the fan and connect the 3 wires to the provided terminals. The only slight alteration you have to do is at the switch.

Locate the switch for the point that you have just hooked up the fan. You should know because the fan will now be working. You only cannot control the speed. If you prefer the fan to run at full blast all the time, there is no need to take this step to alter the switch. However if you want to regulate the speed, then you will have to install the fan’s speed regulator.


After knowing the switch which light point you want to convert into a ceiling fan, go to the main panel and switch off the mains. Open the switch to disconnect the switch wire. The color of that wire is always the same as the color of the wire at the fan that you have just hooked up. Pull out that wire if it is long enough. If not, you will have to connect a short piece from that wire using a wire connector or by twisting the wires tightly together with a pair of pliers and then insulating it with insulation tape.

After making sure the wire is long enough to reach the fan’s regulator, which normally is fixed at the top of the switch, cut another piece of wire that is long enough to go back to the switch’s terminal that you have disconnected just now. Terminate that short piece of wire to that terminal and fix the switch back in place. Now you have 2 pieces of wire sticking out from the top of the switch. Install the regulator and terminate the wires at the given terminals. There are just 2, so you won’t go wrong. Cover everything back and switch on the Mains. Test to see if it is working.